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Month: October, 2017

Week 7 – I Don’t Speak German But I Can If You Like


On the bus to Munich a couple took the seats in front of me. They spent the first couple of hours making those gross smacking noises as they made little kisses on the seats. Even with earplugs in I could hear them expressing their disgusting love. The chair in front of mine also reclined so far I think it might have been broken, because the only thing that stopped it going further was my legs. I felt like Santa with a fat kid on his lap who was playing with himself under his shorts and wouldn’t get off for 7 hours. Read the rest of this entry »

Week 6 – The Good, the Bad and the Orgy


Mark Twain drank scotch every night to prevent toothaches, which as a cheap beer-drinking tourist who can’t afford scotch, I put down as the reason for my early morning trip to an emergency dental clinic in Zadar hours before we were to get a bus out of town. As a result I vowed to drink more scotch whenever possible. Read the rest of this entry »

Week 5 – Stone the Flamin’ Croats


The 10.5 hour bus trip to Croatia left 45 minutes late and arrived 30 minutes early. I love the Balkans. Read the rest of this entry »

Week 4 – Buggin’


Thessaloniki was our last stop in Greece, and on our last night we were graced with the age-old travelling tradition of bed bugs. Read the rest of this entry »