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Some Things That Can Eat My D*&K

–          Christmas. It’s only October and the halls are already getting decked with boughs of holly. The tinsel, the fake snow, the red and the green power-clashing in the worst most fuck ugly way; it all makes me want to vomit in someone’s mouth. The only good thing to come out of Christmas are the tacky kitsch jumpers, but it’s fucking summer down in this hemisphere and we have no use of them. Read the rest of this entry »

Loneliest Planet Sucks

I don’t know if anyone has bothered to watch this exercise in torture (starring poor Gael García Bernal), but this memo at my work pretty much sums it up. #H  

I’m Sorry, I Thought You Were a Tree Stump

You think you know yourself. You think you are a certain type of person, you have yourself sorted in the naughty and nice list. Then one day, one single act can juggle it all to shit and before you know if you are that guy who once spat on someone.

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Give “Ugly Girls” a Chance

I don’t know if you guys have heard of the latest internet campaign but it’s one that I feel is a real issue in today’s society.

The “Give Ugly Girls a Chance” campaign.

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Carpet Sweeper Woes

This is a shitty video I made at my work for the staff to fix a carpet sweeper when it breaks. It happens all the time and everyone is too lazy to be bothered to do so.


This is a response by one of the staff:

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