Carpet Sweeper Woes

This is a shitty video I made at my work for the staff to fix a carpet sweeper when it breaks. It happens all the time and everyone is too lazy to be bothered to do so.


This is a response by one of the staff:


Visuals: A little bit fuzzy, but camera stability was a bonus, plus framing was artistic and yet showed what needed to be shown. 6/10

Soundtrack: Suitably ambient, but possibly too much so. Volume a little soft, however gave video a charming 50s feel. 5/10

Content: Plot wore a little thin towards the end, and ended rather abrubtly. It would have been nice to have seen the fixed carpet sweeper in action, to in “deliver” as it were some return on the time and emotional investment the viewer put in to seeing the fixing. 7/10

Replay value: Useful and relevant. 7/10

Final word: Interesting, quirky indie film. Provides education in a condensed form whilst still highlighting the fragility and transient nature of commitment in a materialistic world.

Elizabeth Flux

…………….Actually kind of amazing.



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