First Time

First times are always awkward. They always have been and always will be till the end of time until people stop doing things because people generally learn on the go, preparation be damned.  So, like glaring down at that first shaft staring at you in anticipation, you brace yourself and dive on in…

As Jesus once said, “These are the thoughts that go through my head.”

Wait, that was Alanis Morissette. Shit. I’ve blown it already…

I am a very average nobody spouting mindgasms on whatever it was that might have just happened. I seriously doubt anything I say will be prolific or historic in any way, but here’s hoping it isn’t unentertaining. Also, I hate double negatives, that one was for the people (OF HELL). Also also, that probably won’t be the last Alanis reference.

I just turned 25 and I am yet to figure out if that means anything or not. I moved to Melbourne from a small claustrophobic town when I was younger to pursue my dreams. I am still yet to decide what those dreams are. I like movies so I work in a cinema, this seems pretty good so far. I sometimes dabble in the odd acting gig, for shits and giggles. I like to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard? Gross. That cliche needs to be updated for modern generations) so I also dabble in the wonderful world of writing. Which brings me here.

I don’t like mornings or the word “vino” for wine. I do like geeky word trivia and animal facts (a handy example of the amalgamation of the two – how a newt used to be called an ewt, but over time the ‘n’ at the end of the preceding ‘an’ jumped ships and ‘newt’ became the word we know and love”).

Happy everything everyone everywhere.

Or whatever.



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